Our mission is to raise the bar for safety and offer fabric selections for any application. We have partnered with the leaders in the FR and work-wear industry and are proud to offer this service to our customers. If you are looking for FR for Hi-Visibility, garments that meet the Electrical Safety NFPA 70E standards, or uniforms for utility workers, S&S can find a garment right for you and your team. Coveralls, jackets, lab coats, and two piece garments are just a small sampling of what we offer. Ask your S&S representative for more information or for a detailed catalogue of the products we supply.

S&S Offers Solutions for Every Industry

  • NOMEX® IIIA Garments
  • FR Cotton Garments
  • FR Hi-Visibility Garments
  • Work-Wear for every situation
  • Custom Customer Paper Catalogs
  • Custom Customer Online Catalogs
  • Garment Customization
  • Oil & Gas, Electric Utility, and 70E
    Garment Solutions
  • Coveralls, Jackets, Jacket liners, Lab coats, Work shirts, Work pants, etc.

Garment Customization

Ordering your FR and work-wear garments from S&S not only ensures a great fit, but also ensures superior service. Our local seamstress can make alterations, additions, and customizations to your garment at your specifications. S&S's seamstress works in our Fairfield location and is available for garment customization. Adding radio loops, hemming pant length, attaching company logo patches, American flag patches and name tags are just some of the services we offer. Additional customization is offered to fulfill all your needs. Screen printing and the addition of reflective trim are just a few of the additional services we have offered our customers.

Customization Services

  • Attach Emblems / Company Logos
  • Name Patches
  • Cuff Pants
  • Add Radio Loops
  • Add Leg Zippers
  • Add Cargo Pocket
  • Add Reflective Trim
  • and MORE!

S&S Garment Division (Fittings, Order-site, Garment pick-up)

2700 Maxwell Way
Fairfield, CA 94534
(925) 335-4041
Need on-site fitting for your team?  Call us to schedule our mobile fitting van to make a site visit
and ensure a proper fit of your garments.